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The Protector can be placed in front of or behind an existing frewall, protecting against all external attacks from the Internet. It can also be placed locally, for example in front of the switch on the internal network, to block and record local attackers. 

High-level Protection

The databases for new Spam, Spyware, Virus, Intrusion Prevention and others are updated for new signatures, via encrypted download, many times per day. 

The Protector receives and scans data using its diferent protection modules. Intrusion Prevention uses SecPoint’s own extensive database of signatures - the largest in the world - to stop hackers who may have succeeded in get ting through the  frewall or router and can block hacker attacks. There is also built-in protection from fragmentation errors, malformed packets, port scans and spoofed packets. Multiple Anti-Virus engines are used to scan all protocols going through the Protector - and in both directions, unlike most competitive products which typically scan only one or two protocols. Only once the trafc is clean, it is forwarded to the recipient.

Features and Benefts

  • Non US based 100% Backdoor Free
  • Built in Protection from Denial of Service Attacks
  • Full POP2 & SMTP Integration including   user management
  • Firewall Stateful Inspection DMZ State of the Art Firewall change to Superior
  • Multiple Anti-Virus Vendors Supported
  • Active Directory Support  
  • Web flter with group policy (Active directory)
  • Bi-Directional Scanning on all Filters
  • Microsoft Active Directory Support
  • Transparent  SMTP Gateway
  • Web Filter Mail Quarantine 
  • The Intrusion Prevention consists of more than 12 years of research
  • Full Mail Archiver
  • Powerful Hardware with Harddrive  
  • State of the Art Firewall
  • Spyware is blocked from entering the network and it will also identify and block outgoing infections  
  • Option for centralized update point
  • Full Scanning & User Quarantine
  • Bi-directional scanning of all   protocols by all the modules
  • Protection Superior Unifed Threat Management Internet
  • Multiple automated software updated per day and Firmware updates via the SecPoint Update Service
  • Full mail archiving for companies and organizations with 5 to 2,000 mailboxes.
  • Content Filter with Web Filter
  • Highly SophisticatedIntrusion Prevention System with Zero Day Protection
  • Multiple Anti-Virus Vendors supported
  • Self healing module capability