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Security Solution

X-Series Solution

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Data Center X-Series


The Hillstone X7180 Data Center Firewall offers outstanding performance, reliability, and scalability, for high-speed service providers, large enterprises and carrier networks. It provides flexible firewall security for multi-tenant cloud-based security-as-a-service environments. The X7180 platform is based on Hillstone’s Elastic Firewall Architecture (EFA), which offers highly scalable virtual firewalls, exceptional firewall throughput, massive concurrent sessions and very high new sessions per second. The X7180 also supports Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), next generation application control and Quality of Service (QoS). The system delivers exceptional performance in a small form factor with low power requirements.


Elastic Firewall Architecture

Streaming media, web-based applications, VoIP, peer-to-peer file sharing, mobile devices, cloud computing, and international presence are all contributing to accelerating datacenter traffic.  As core network traffic increases, the need for high-speed network interfaces and high port densities becomes critical. Mobile device traffic also requires more emphasis since network security solutions can degrade significantly when the traffic shifts toward a large number of users and smaller packet size. As a result, data center firewalls must provide high throughput, large numbers of concurrent sessions and high numbers of new sessions per second. More importantly, they must respond to the usage patterns of its customers, which are often highly unpredictable. Consequently, datacenter firewalls must also provide rapid elasticity and on-demand security.

The X7180 data center firewall is built on Hillstone’s Elastic Firewall Architecture. It can support up to 1000 virtual firewalls and it can be provisioned as an on-demand service option complete with service level agreements (SLAs). Service providers can dynamically adjust resource allocation (CPU, sessions, policies and ports) for each virtual firewall in response to SLA’s. Hillstone’s X7180 hardware is composed of multiple security and networking blades that provide scalability for future growth. It leverages a distributed multi-core architecture enabling wire-speed performance up to 360 Gbps throughput, 120 million concurrent sessions and 2.4 million new sessions per second. The chassis supports up to 8 40-GbE ports, 6810-GbE ports or 144 1-GbE ports.

Carrier Grade Reliability

The X7180 provides carrier grade reliability. It supports High Availability (HA) in both Active/Passive and Active/Active modes, ensuring 24x7 operation. It also has redundant and hot swappable power supplies, fans, System Control Modules (SCM), Security Service Modules (SSM) and I/O Modules (IOM). The X7180 also has a multi-mode and single-mode fiber bypass module, to ensure business continuity during power outages.