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aCelera WAN optimization controllers accelerate applications, speed data transfers and reduce bandwidth costs using a combination of application, network and protocol optimization.

Available on high-performance Array appliances or as software for cloud and virtualized environments, aCelera™ accelerates the transfer of data and improves the performance of business-critical applications across wide area  networks. In addition, aCelera greatly improves bandwidth utilization, allowing businesses to reduce costs or increase ROI by doing more with less. Leveraging stream-based differencing, application blueprints, single instance store, traffic prioritization and network, application and TCP optimizations, aCelera physical and virtual appliances and software clients cost-effectively deliver LAN-like performance between any cloud, data center, branch or user. This solution is also available as a Virtual Machine.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Improve application response times by up to 50x while reducing bandwidth utilization by up to 95%
  • Supports 50% more accelerated connections  as compared to competing solutions at significantly less cost, delivering ROI in extremely short timeframes
  • Purpose-built to reduce the impact of network congestion, latency and packet loss that combine to slow end-user response times and the  transfer of data
  • Application-specific blueprints and specific protocol optimizations eliminate redundant and chatty traffic
  • Stream-based differencing for eliminating the transmission of content previously received in local data stores
  • Compression for reducing the amount of data transmitted over wide area connections 
  • Window resizing, persistent connections and small packet aggregation for dramatically improving TCP performance
  • Integrated QoS, traffic shaping and SSL for optimizing, prioritizing and securing traffic on your network
  • Deliver cost-effective, seamless audio and video using QoS to guarantee bandwidth and prevent jitter and latency from impacting audio, video and VoIP apps
  • Future-proof deployment in today and tomorrow’s data centers, public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds, remote locations and remote and mobile users – or any combination
  • Physical appliances supporting from 10Mbps to 1Gbps and up to 100,000 concurrent TCP connections. Virtual appliances supporting up to 1Gbps and 64,000 concurrent TCP connections
  • Software available for VMware ESXi and Windows Server
  • Integrated automated failover for high availability in business critical environments
  • Simplified management of physical and virtual appliances via transparent addressing, statistical performance dashboards, comprehensive reporting, and auto discovery
  • Centralized provisioning of physical and  virtual appliances and mobile clients, Web services integration with 3rd party management tools or integration with virtualization management systems